EhOS Training Services

Training is an essential part of every business, and EhOS IT Services will help your team become the best version of themselves.

EhOS provides qualified quality facilitators and instructors to some of the most respected training organizations in Canada. Within the IT training industry, EhOS provides instructors and experts that will educate and inform clients on best application practices and procedures.

While most suppliers of cloud-based services will typically leave the training to the organization itself. EhOS understands that education, knowledge, and training are the keys to successfully utilizing any new platform. Which is why we will provide you with the training that you need “in-house” so you can get familiar with your equipment, in your space.

For most organizations, it is far more productive in the long term if users are trained by qualified instructors to utilize the toolset completely before implementing the technology. Usually, clientele will feel apprehension and frustration diving into the vast new toolset without qualified training. EhOs IT Services will help you in alleviating that frustration and leave you feeling confident with your new skills.

We are not a “Training Center”, we are an organization that is dedicated to empowering the businesses, and employees, we serve through our knowledgeable professionals. We maintain the belief that any organization that supports their employees, and encourages them to enhance their skills, will see a much stronger team with a solid understanding of the strengths and the tools they will use. This will allow them to become much more efficient and able to perform their jobs much more effectively.

Our Training Experience

We have trained on a wide variety of industry leading software products, including:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • CyberSafe
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Crystal Reports
  • SQL Querying

Why train with EhOS?

  • Qualified Instructors

    Qualified, certified, quality facilitators and instructors

  • Cloud Service Training

    Most cloud-based offerings don’t include any training. We do.

  • Class-room training

    Get hands-on assistance face to face and in person.

  • Take-Home Resources

    Get valuable Job-Aids and “Cheat-Sheets” to keep for reference.

  • Improve Workflow

    Design workflow and help users find the “right, easy” was to get things done.