What We Do

At EhOS, we are passionate about making your information technology work for you. IT should be empowering, not frustrating. For small businesses and non-profits, we become your “IT Department” at a fraction of the cost of recruiting and keeping talent on-staff full time. For larger organizations, we provide specialized resourcing, training, consulting and support during special projects, IT “renovations”, or whenever you have a gap that needs filling.

We work across the province from the cities to the villages—wherever you need us, including remotely—and we can draw on a network of partners and expertise world-wide when needed. Give up the worry and hassle of fighting with your computers, software, equipment and “the cloud”. Let us build systems and relationships that let your systems just work, so that you can take care of your business, while we take care of you.


We can offer recommendations and evaluations, giving you the “best of breed” options and integrations.

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We can optimize the infrastructure around server, storage, power, and cooling requirements.

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We can design secure solutions and policies that fit your business needs.

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Procurement & Deployment

We can assist in acquiring and deploying software services to make your systems ready for use.

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Maintenance & Support

EhOS provides many onsite services including installations, repairs, and training services.

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VOIP Telephony

Supply and manage integrated VOIP through established reliable providers, including SherWeb, Ooma, Microsoft and VoIP.

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