Non-Profits & Community

In addition to the work EhOS provides to numerous large companies and organizations, EhOS also provides services to many non-profit groups throughout the province. EhOS believes in giving back to the community by providing guidance and direction to these groups ensuring they receive good value for the money they spend on IT infrastructure needs.

While adopting cloud-based technology may be intimidating for your organization, as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, EhOS is here to support and assist you in increasing your use and efficiency with Cloud Solutions.

Community-based non-profit organizations are essential to any vibrant, complete community. Budgets are tight and demand is high. Fortunately, many large providers, including Google, Microsoft and many others recognize this and try to “do right by” the volunteer sector.

  • We have assisted many organizations in finding how to apply and benefit from programs they are eligible for, even when they had no idea how much they could gain.
  • We offer significant discounts to registered charities, non-profits and volunteer groups.