EhOS is passionate about assisting our clients and demystifying the IT process. From setting up a whole new infrastructure, or updating and replacing IT assets, EhOS will help your organization make the most from the various Cloud Solutions available. EhOS believes in engaging with our clients, the users of these cloud-based technologies.

Through this engagement, EhOS brings a wealth of experience and knowledge used to train and educate your staff. This education helps them become more efficient within the IT environment, all the time ensuring the company’s digital assets are secure and safe.

In addition to working with corporate clients, EhOS is also an engaged member of the community and routinely works with nonprofit organizations. The EhOS believes that as a responsible member of the community that we reach out and give back to those organizations that require quality IT services and quality direction.

If you belong to a nonprofit organization looking for quality IT services, please feel free to reach out. EhOS has a long history of supporting nonprofit organizations and would be happy to help yours. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

Our Mission

EhOS IT Solutions Inc. exists to help our clients reach their goals using technology. We provide a blend of knowledge, training, skilled support, and qualified people and seek to build lifelong partnerships with clients.

Our Vision

EhOS IT Solutions Inc. will be the trusted partner and one stop IT shop for our clients.

Our Values

EhOS IT Solutions Inc. operates by the following guiding principles:

  • We promise to build our partnerships with our clients based on respect, honesty, communication, and mutual understanding.
  • We promise to own up to our mistakes. Fix them. Learn from them.
  • We promise to stick around long after the new hardware or software is installed, offering training and support as long as needed.
  • We promise to propose solutions that fit our clients needs because we listen.
  • We promise to work with the industries best vendors, consultants, and suppliers, which we already have built relationships with, whenever our clients needs go beyond our in-house resources.
  • We promise that as our company grows, our existing clients will never have to take a back seat because we will never overextend ourselves.
  • We promise to treat our smallest clients with the same respect and dedication as we do our large corporate, enterprise, and government clients.
  • We promise to give back to our community, including donations, and accepting non-profits as clients at the best possible rate.
  • We promise to take a practical approach to IT where our clients feel empowered and knowledgeable.
  • We want our clients to enjoy working with their IT solutions even to the point of finding it fun.
  • We promise to do our level best to honor our client’s faith in us.

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